GT Concept Gamme de matériel équestre

Wellington GT


 UGS : N/A

Light, discret and elegant, this half pad have been made for tailored saddles.

Highly precise tool designed to improve the saddle balance and reduce all the pressure points.

Expired air volume : 4800l/second permit an high breathing ensuring a long term use.

the 3D MESH GT (material used) ensures a high resistance to the pressure and the flexibility.

thanks to this new technology our pad is untereable, inert, hypoallergenic, sterisable, rot-proof, odorless, recyclable, and join our indispensable equestrian accessories range.

Dressage/show jumping/eventing


The Wellington from GT CONCEPT is a high innovation for the rider and the horse confort and performances, while improving sensations and balance of the couple.
It is the result of a hard work between us, riders and veterinarians. the pad structure  reduces 50% the contact surface between your saddle and the desk of your horse.
The GT pad Wellington shape ensures it elegance under all saddles (Dressage, Show jumping, Classic)

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