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- 80% of the pressure point are deleted thank's to the superposition of our Air Flex mesh.
- Its Ergonomic shape permits to the horse to have more freedom on shoulders and on the withers
- Reduce the sweat thank's to the air flow through the 3D Mesh
- Easy to clean: Washing machine 30° (without any clean product) or water jet
- Fast Drying 

Dressage saddle pad

Our new dressage saddle pad is combined with an absorbing-choc half pad. Actually, the pad is made with a superposition of two 3D MESH layers, and the integrated half pad is made with three 3D MESH layers for a better confort for your horse, a better balancing or your saddle and above for better sensation for the rider.

A dressage pad with an absorbing-choc half pad

The inetgrate absorbing-choc half pad (photos) permits to reduce until 80% of the pressure point and to balance the saddle. This pad is the perfect tool for all dressage riders. It has been made by our R&D department, our professional riders and an equestrian osteopath. It has been validated by a lot of dressage riders.

An airy dressage saddle pad

Thank’s to our 3D MESH, there is a constant air flow which circulates through the mesh, and greatly reduce the sweat of your hors. Furthermore our material used in this dressage saddle pad is hydrophobic, that is mean the water or the sweat does not penetrate in the fiber. You can whash it with washing machine (without any clean product) or just with water jet, very fast drying. Long hours of Waiting for the drying is over!!!

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