GT Concept Gamme de matériel équestre

GT Concept : innovation and heritage

Matelassures Air FlexGT Concept is the meeting of two lovers of the world equine, Max and Pascal who use their skills in design and trade to create innovative and eco-friendly products for riders and their horses.

Our team of designers, engineers, craftsmen and manufacturers works together to best meet the different needs of riders, professionals or individuals, who wish to provide protection and comfort to their horses.

Our equipment is also at the service of the rider, because it is essential to bring comfort, efficiency and performance to his equestrian practice.

Since 2011, we have been using the Air Flex Technology in the equine market. The first Air Flex product, a pad with a built-in half pad, was awarded in 2012 at the innovation and sustainable development trophy in Paris. Now, we use this 3D mesh to product our entire range of products.

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