GT Concept Gamme de matériel équestre

Our Air Flex Technology




A new technology in equine environment 

Medicine to horse riding:

From medicine, our technology is usually name MESH 3D. This material is used to make anti pressure sore mattresses.  Thank’s to its 3D mesh, it permits to absorb pressure points and let pass an important air flow for the well being of patient just underwent surgery. This technology is also apply in aerospace environment to make technical rocket seat, these seat are able to absorb all the pressure point during takeoff or landing. This material permits to avoid dorsalgia problems.

Following an analyse of all this properties and a long work with veterinarians and osteopaths, we’ve found the solution to apply this material for equine environment. Our first saddle pad have been made 10 years ago, then this first pad named  Air flex one got  « sustainable development and innovative trophee » in 2012 and in 2013 « l'éperon magazine » promoted Max GRANET ( GT CONCEPT DESIGNER) as « the man of science and techniques ».

Now we are able to use this material to make our GIRTH, BRIDLE, PAD & HALF PAD, BOOTS an many others… and the important news, this year, is that we transform your saddle pannel with our technology



A base material recycled and recyclable:

Our Air Flex technology is a layer of meshed fiber. Theses fibers are made with polyester and come from recycling water bottle. Since the beginning, GT CONCEPT is concerned with environment and wokr hard on this part to limit pollution and CO2 emissions for the reshearch and development of or new products. We paid attention about the eco-conception about our product, we try to use recycled and recyclable product as base material. We prioritize short manufacture and distribution channel, that is why we are proud to tell you our products are MADE IN FRANCE. 





Thank’s to the Air Flex technology and its 3D MESH layer superposition, it is as you have some thousands shock absorbers condensed on each square centimeter on the used surface. Following many years of research with famous veterinarians and osteopaths, we created this technology which is able to reduce and delete 80% of the pressure point on your horse desk. 


The secret of our technology is inside the layer, actually protected by patern, the special feature is the density and the superposition. This 3D mesh permits a perfect balancing thank’s to the fiber twist. During use our saddle pad or half pad, your saddle is going to come into contact with the mesh, and after girth up, the fiber mecanic is entering in action and you saddle will be automatically balancing.


The mesh of each layers let pass an important air flow: 4800 liter/second/m2, wich permits to the body part in contact to be always dry. The Air Flex technology reduce significantly the sweat of your horse. The big advantages of an high breathability is the improvement of the material resilience, therefore settling effect is considerably reduc and our products as saddle pad and half – pad have a better lifetime than a classic shock-absorber pad.



The Air Flex Technology come from recycling bottle, mesh 3D fibers are composed of polyester, a material very light but highly resistant and technical.