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The company is the collaboration of two people from design and equestrian world, Max GRANET and Pascal TOUATI.

Max Granet : Designer graduated from « L'institut de Design Européen ».  Since 2010 he has been in charge of a multidisciplinary agency combining product creation, graphic design and space design. Internally designer for « Antarès Sellier France », he have spearheaded the « Label Design Equin », which stamp the Air Flex One

GT CONCEPT is an innovative and technologic French saddelry, created in 2010. We offer a wide rand of equestrian equipment combining innovation and tradition. Since 2010 the company work with an eco-design process, using recycle and recyclable product.

At first, Max GRANET developed a pad that permits to reduce 80% of pressure points exerted on the horse back. Composed with multiple thicknesses to balance the saddle and improve the riders sensation. The first pad named  Air flex one got  « sustainable development and innovative trophee » in 2012 and in 2013 « l'éperon magazine » promoted Max GRANET as « the man of science and techniques »

Pascal TOUATI started horse riding from his early age, Military equestrian instructor, he worked as sales manager for multinational company during 20 years. His horse passion is still the same than the beginning.  Horses owner and breeder, he actively participate in the products development and distribution.


A Team composed of designers, ingeniors, craftsmen and manufacturers join forces in order to meet, at best, professionals and amateurs needs who want to equip their horse with the best material.

Discover what is our Air flex technology and what are these advantages.

Since the beginning GT CONCEPT have worked with an eco-design using recycled and recycable product.